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Seven Wonders RPG

Seven Wonders RPG

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Let op! Dit is de Roleplaying Game Seven Wonders! Zoek je het bordspel 7 Wonders? Klik dan hier.


Different times call for different games

Have you ever wondered…

  • how the children from Narnia coped back in the real world?
  • what it’s like to voyage into a black hole?
  • how dystopias are created, and destroyed?
  • what you would sacrifice to protect your family?
  • what heroes talk about on the eve of a life-altering battle?
  • how to defend your village, when your heroes are away?
  • who protects your home when you’re not looking?

Seven Wonders has the answers!

Seven Wonders is a collection of stand-alone story games from UK-based games designers, which focus on characterisation and inter-character drama, and use improvisational techniques to tell innovative, compelling tales.