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Board Game Design Advice 2nd Ed

Board Game Design Advice 2nd Ed

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A book to help you design great games people love. Learn from 100+ designers how to get that game out of your head and onto the table.


Game design is hard. Wouldn't it be great if you could ask the best designers on the planet questions to help you become better at the craft. In Board Game Design Advice, you'll find incredible wisdom from 100+ of the top designers in the industry today.

You'll learn things like:

  • What Reiner Knizia would tell his younger self.
  • How Nikki Valens knows when to walk away from a design for a while.
  • ​The game Alan Moon recommends most to fledgling designers.
  • How Isaac Vega gets into the zone and flow of design.
  • The new belief that has helped Ignacy Trzewiczek's designs dramatically improve. 
  • ​Lessons Jamey Stegmaier learned from his biggest failure.
  • The best advice Corey Konieczka would give a designer who is just 
                                 starting out.
  • What recent purchase has helped Jon Gilmour's designs the most.
  • The life philosophy that improves Richard Garfield's game designs.
  • ​What Vlaada Chvatil would tell you after a discouraging playtest.
  •  Donald X. Vaccarino's advice on pitching a game to a publisher.
  • What Antoine Bauza does when he feels overwhelmed or unfocused.

And a TON more!